by Peter Griffith


Mr and Mrs Smith live in a respectable part of the town. They are horrified when they discover that their new neighbours are a family of vampires. Their son Rick, on the other hand, feels himself immediatly attracted to the vampires' daughter Phylthia.
Will the Smiths manage to get over their hatred of vampires? Have they the right to try to stop their son from having a relationship with the attractive neighbour? What are Phylthia’s real intentions towards Rick? Will Rick fall victim to the blood-sucking attentions of Phylthia’s father, the terrifying Count Spatula? And is the audience safe when Count Spatula is thirsty?


Neighbours with Long Teeth is a play about racism, parent-child conflict, teenage love – and vampires!


Photos of 'Neighbours with Long Teeth'



Extract from the script 'Neighbours with Long Teeth'

Mr. Smith: Richard, I hope you will have nothing to do with these... people…things…whatever they are.
Rick: Vampires, Dad…
Mr. Smith: Yes. Vampires. I hope you will have nothing to do with them.
Rick: Why not?
Mr. Smith: They are different from us. They…live…differently.
Mrs Smith: They don’t understand our ways, and we don’t understand their ways.
Mr. Smith: It’s disgusting that they are moving into this neighbourhood.
Rick: They’ve got to live somewhere, Dad.
Mrs Smith: Of course they have. But not in a respectable part of the town like this.
Mr. Smith: They should go and live…where they come from.