by Peter Griffith


Tommy loves Wendy – but Wendy only has eyes for Tommy’s sensitive friend Grant. So Tommy plans a mean trick, to try to separate Grant and Wendy. The trick works only too well, and soon the situation is out of control. Tommy, Grant, Wendy and her friend Ellie find that they are out of their depth in emotions that they can barely understand…


Salt and Vinegar is a play about first love – and first jealousy. The accompanying Teachers’ Pack gives lesson-plans, exercises for preparatory and follow-up work, and suggestions for discussion about relationships, and about the importance of friendship.



Photos of 'Salt and Vinegar'

Season 19/20

Formers productions



Extract from the script 'Salt and Vinegar'

Tommy: I think I know Grant better than you do. He can’t handle it when a relationship gets too…close. It was the same with the girlfriend he had back at home two month ago –
Wendy: What? He had another girlfriend?
Tommy: Oh, didn’t he tell you? Oh god, I shouldn’t have said anything. I’m sure it was nothing. Forget I mentioned her.
Wendy: He had another girlfriend back home?
Tommy: I promised him I wouldn’t tell you. I’m sorry. I shouldnt have said anything about her.
Wendy: The bastard!
Tommy: Yeah, he’s treated you really badly, hasn’t he? You trusted him, didn’t you?
Wendy: That’s right, I trusted him.
Tommy: Look Wendy, I’m here for you. Forget Grant. I’ll look after you.